Topics for persuasive essays for college

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Smog essay sample

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The word ‘smog’ consists of two parts: smoke and fog. It has become the type of air pollutant and can be observed in London or Shanghai as well as other parts of the world. One of the reasons why smog occurs is that large amounts of coal are burned within the city. Another point to consider is vehicle emission that comes from internal combustion engines.

Smog is a real problem in many cities as it continues to harm people and their health. The result of that is the increasing number of diseases connected with the difficulty of breathing. What is more, smog causes nose and eye irritation because of the fact that protective membranes are dried out. The result of that is the inability of the body to fight infection. It also increases the susceptibility to illness.

Taking into account the fact that smog has become a serious issue these days, the governments of many countries have established laws that regulate the amount of smog that gets in the atmosphere. However, it is impossible to stop this process completely which is the reason why it is so important to look for alternative ways of dealing with the issue. Do not hesitate to find out more at …

Research paper proposal

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Professional essay writing

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