Dissertation proposal example

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In general, dissertation proposals are written so that to give a brief overview of the topic you are dealing with to the review board. They are the ones who will decide whether your research is worth further conducting or not. Thus, they will evaluate the topicality of your issue, the methods with the help of which you are going to deal with the existing problem and tasks which you set for yourself in the process of writing a dissertation. Of course, you may have a look at any dissertation proposal example which is more or less relevant to your topic. However, there is no guarantee that you will find something useful there. What is more, each dissertation is a separate paper which presupposes that the exact repetition of some ideas or examples is unacceptable. So, think twice before you use some resource. If you don’t provide a reference, it will be regarded as plagiarism for which you may be punished.

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Powerpoint presentation services

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Brave New World technology essay

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If you were asked to write a Brave New World technology essay, you are supposed to speak about the way in which it can be used so that to control society. Obviously, the first aspect to dwell upon within this issue is the control of reproduction which is a terrible thing to do. It is absolutely wrong to tell people when to get pregnant and who is supposed to be born and who isn’t. Another point to consider is the usage of the so-called entertainment machines that are supposed to bring people happiness and joy. Yet, you are perfectly aware of the fact that people can’t have fun when they are told that this should be done only in this way.The whole point of relaxing is to do things you are fond of. Some of them may be stupid. Yet, you are not supposed to mull over each step when you are hanging out with your friends. You want to take a break and forget about your daily routine. However, the characters of the novel ‘Brave Nee World’ by Aldous Huxley don’t have that chance. What is more, they cannot choose the world they want to live in. They cannot shape their own future. They live the life which was modeled by someone who has power and control over them. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do about it.

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